Tuesday, October 31, 2006

So, what's the point?

A blog, by definition, is the work of any faceless doofus running his random scrawlings up a flagpole hoping someone will salute (...putting 'em out on the front porch hoping the cat licks 'em up, throwing 'em against the wall and hoping something sticks, etc. You get the picture.). So, telling you that I'm just gonna wing it from here on should really go without saying.

I plan to take a relatively serious approach on occasion but, really, how serious can one get when the subject is drinking, booze and the stuff you can make with booze? I hope to write the occasional essay on--um, hell, I dunno, lemme get back to you on that--but mostly I'll be posting drink recipes, insipid booze reviews, links to far better blogs and forum threads, maybe the occasional bar review and other crapola like that. I don't expect that anything here will change your life but, then again, if you've never had a Sazerac or a Corpse Reviver #2 or Fancy Gin Cocktail or if you wouldn't have found The Esquire Drinks Database or CocktailDB without my link, well, you may well find your life to be slightly improved after a visit.

I can honestly say that my quality of life has improved after exposure to the work of Dave Wondrich and Ted Haigh (respectively, author/Esquire 's dean of drink and author/co-founder of CocktailDB) and, Jack Lord, man, if you've never had a cocktail that pre-dates the Cosmopolitan you should do so leave work immediately--you are reading this at work, right?--and get your bad self to a decent liquor store to pick up a couple things you probably don't have at home.

Sure, you can clear your head with exercise or free your mind with yoga. Knock yourself out. Sometimes, though, only a crisp, clean 5-to-1 Martini made with Plymouth gin and garnished with a slice of lemon peel the size of a silver dollar will do. Hopefully, The Handy Snake can help you with just those times.

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